If you drive an Acura, you must be pretty serious about the performance of your engine. By that understanding, you should also be serious about the oil in your engine. At MotorWorld Acura, we’re big believers of the connection between motor oil and performance, and the auto technicians in our Acura service center are here to ensure you get the best response from your engine possible.  

Acura is an auto brand that is recognized not just for the many luxurious features included inside and out but by the level of performance that each Acura engine is responsible for. Catering to both speed demons and gear-heads alike, performance is a big deal for many of our drivers, and surprisingly enough the motor oil in your car can make all the difference in how your engine feels behind the wheel.  

Motor oil acts as a highly effective lubricant for your engine and it can go a long way in ensuring that your engine runs smoothly. With so many moving parts, friction, and heat caused by friction is a serious threat, fortunately, motor oil mitigates that threat. However, as motor oil courses through your engine, it also accumulates grime, grime which can do some serious harm to your engine. By replacing your motor oil when recommended by a professional, you can avoid breaking any serious components, and in the same instance save a good chunk of change in repairs. Replacing your motor oil can also give you the chance to enjoy stellar engine performance for well into the foreseeable future.  

Motor oil servicing ought to be taken seriously, and if you’re still unsure of the details, the auto mechanics at our Wilkes-Barre Acura dealership are here to help. Not only is MotorWorld Acura serving Scranton, PA known for top-notch premium services, but we’re also recognized for our incredible passion for each of our customers.? 

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