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What does your engine type have to do with the performance and drive style of your vehicle? Surprisingly enough, quite a lot. At Motorworld Acura, our Acura parts and service team know a great deal about the connection between engine type and performance, and with their knowledge, have put together this brief, informative post.  

Every car is powered by an engine of some kind. Some of these engines are fueled by gasoline, and others use electricity or even hydrogen in some unique cases. That said, for the sake of this blog post, we’ll focus specifically on the engines powered by gasoline. There is a lot of variety amongst gas-powered engines, yet all of these differences can be easily identified based on the number of cylinders in your engine.  

Cylinder count can vary just like any other automotive characteristic, however, most automakers design vehicles with either four-, six-, or eight-cylinder engines. Sure, three-cylinder engines exist, and there are plenty of vehicles out there that utilize turbocharged engines, these three types make up the majority.  

A vehicle with a standard four-cylinder engine is typically far better at utilizing fuel than something as robust as an eight-cylinder engine. This is the case because the more cylinders in your engine, the more fuel you’ll need to move them. Although, this expense of fuel can play in your favor as an engine with a greater cylinder count can provide far higher horsepower and torque ratings in most cases.  

So, what kind of engine should you purchase? The answer isn’t a one-way street, as drivers can find satisfaction in almost any type of engine depending on their unique preferences. For that reason, we always make a concerted effort to show off all of our used and new Acura cars to our customers. To us, at Motorworld Acura serving Wilkes-Barre, PA, we believe the more options the better and can provide you with the guidance you need to find the vehicle and engine type that gives you the most satisfaction.

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