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Did you know Acura service can seriously impact your fuel efficiency? That’s right. You can get more out of that (pricey) tank of gas simply by completing regular maintenance at MotorWorld Acura.

It Improves Your Engine’s Performance 

When your vehicle is forced to work harder than necessary it causes your vehicle to use more fuel than necessary too. Maintenance helps keep your engine in peak condition, which can increase your gas mileage. Your engine oil, for example, helps keep your engine parts moving seamlessly. It helps limit friction and wear. Over time, your engine oil gets thicker in consistency, restricting its ability to flow freely. This is why routine maintenance includes an oil change.

It Keeps Your Tires in Peak Condition 

Did you know your tires can affect your gas mileage? Underinflated or worn tires don’t roll as easily which creates drag and, in turn, forces your vehicle to need more power and fuel. Maintenance includes a regular tire rotation which helps keep them from wearing unevenly. We’ll also regularly inspect your tires to ensure they are properly inflated and look for unusual wear.

It Ensures Faulty Parts are Replaced When Necessary

Routine maintenance also includes a thorough multi-point inspection of your vehicle. We make sure everything is in peak condition. We also make sure the parts with a limited lifespan are replaced when they need to be. When these parts aren’t working efficiently, your gas mileage will suffer.

  • Air filter 
  • Spark plugs 
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Tires 

Our trained and certified technicians know your luxury Acura vehicle inside and out. We always ensure your vehicle leaves as safe and efficient as possible. Contact our Acura dealership to schedule a service appointment today!

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